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At Palette our mission is to provide people with the building blocks to create something unique to their process. With 12 block designs ranging from agendas, lines, and checklists all in various sizes, people can create a notebook that fits their individual ways of working and thinking.

We’ve seen users create many different types of planners and organizers to tackle their year ahead. Below are some of the most unique layouts that we’ve seen recently and we are really excited to showcase them.

Weekly Single Page Layout

This single-page design has everything to plan your work week, jot notes, and makes space for being grateful which we think is an important practice. One of our favorite quotes at Palette – “It’s not joy that makes us grateful, it’s gratitude that makes us joyful.” from the Benedictine monk, David Steindl Rast.

The same layout was applied to both the left and right pages and uses the 3 column grid with lined and grid dot blocks.

Weekly Planner Spreads

These users took advantage of the page spread to create wide layouts for their entire week ahead. Some with more space for daily to-do lists than others. With 64 sheets of smooth interior paper, using the spread across the two pages gets you a little over a year in planning.

This spread uses a 3 column grid on the left and right pages with circle checklists and lined blocks.
Left page layout: 3-column grid, weekly agenda and to-do list blocks | Right page layout: full width lined and grid dot blocks.

“Palette has totally replaced my planner, I’ll never go back.”

Sam from Virginia

This spread uses the 3-column grid in both the left and right pages and lined and checklist square blocks.

Mindful Daily Planning + Reflection

We love this layout for the mix of right and left brain thinking. The elegant single word titles bring a simplicity to the complications of planning the day and a calmness to reflect upon it after.

Left page layout: 2-column grid, blank space, day agenda, circle checklist and grid dot blocks | Right page layout: 3-column grid, grid dot, bullet lines and lined blocks.

We continue to be amazed at the variety of planner layouts people have created and how they tailor their Palettes to support their unique ways of working and thinking. 

Cheers to the New Year and to all of you pushing yourselves to new heights!